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    Entrepreneurial Start-Ups

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    1. Explain how you understand the scope and value of the business plan to investors, lenders, employees, suppliers, and customers.

    2. Explain what/how to enhance awareness of the value of the Internet as an information resource and marketing tool.

    3. Explain how to present helpful questions for the entrepreneur at each stage of the planning process.

    4. Describe how you understand the relevance of industry and competitive analysis to the market planning process.

    5. Describe and define the steps in preparing the marketing plan.

    6. Describe and illustrate the different creative strategies that may be used to differentiate or position the new venture's products or services.

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    1. The perspective of the business plan must be viewed through the prism of employees, investors, bankers, venture capitalists, suppliers, customers, advisors, and consultants wherein these individuals are capable of familiarizing themselves with (your) new ventures' goals, objectives, and resources to reach (your) mission are clearly and concisely outlined to these stakeholders. It provides guidance to the entrepreneur in organizing his or her planning activities

    2. To enhance awareness of the value of the internet as an information resource, (you) should focus attention on the capability of web sites to provide new opportunities for transmitting information, entertainment, and advertising, which can bring a new dimension in marketing for the company placated upon electronic commerce. E-commerce enables businesses to sell goods and services over the ...

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