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Three businessmen are listed below (along with a brand name with which they are often associated provided to help you identify the correct person):

Shai Agassi (Better Place)
Donald J. Trump (Trump International Hotel & Tower)
Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Network)

1. Research the backgrounds of all three and explain whether or not they are entrepreneurs.

2. Choose ONE of the three, research his achievements and explain whether any of his or her achievements fit one or more of the models of the entrepreneurial process. Are any factors in the process missing? If so what are they and does this matter in explaining whether he engages in entrepreneurship?

I have chosen Donald J. Trump for this case assignment but I'm having difficulty analyzing the background materials (Listed below). I'm not looking for someone to write my paper for me, I'm just looking for direction on the case. I think two pages of help would be sufficient. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Background Materials:

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Defines entrepreneur, gives examples of entrepreneurial qualities and leadership skills.

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Hello there. I have compiled some research here that should help you on the paper.

First, let's consider the things that make Donald Trump an entrepreneur.

Real Estate know-how
In the early 1970s, Trump turned his interests toward commercial real estate development. New York City was offering sizable tax breaks to willing investors so Trump used this dealmaking skills to secure loans with little to no collateral. He built an empire in real estate and entertainment, and became a celebrity in the process.

Source: http://entrepreneurs.about.com/od/famousentrepreneurs/p/donaldtrump.htm

Trump has founded his own airline, although it went bankrupt a couple of decades ago.

Trump is host and producer of NBC's reality TV show "The Apprentice." Trump was paid a $50,000 per episode for the first ...

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