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Entrepreneur to attract/develop the 'internal' customer

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Describe what an entrepreneur should do to attract and develop both the "internal" customer (employees) and the "external" customer. Use information from both chapters to support your answer. Include at least one other outside source.

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Attracting Internal and External Customers:

The most important assets to any entrepreneur are satisfied customers both internal and external. Attracting and developing both internal and external customers is a task if well executed by an entrepreneur would most likely result to retention of these customers thereby ensuring the success of the business. It is therefore imperative that an entrepreneur be able to both attract and develop internal and external customers effectively. Internal customers are those with whom an entrepreneur works with in order to get jobs done or sale the product such as employees or supplier. External customers are those to whom the products are sold.

There are a number of strategies that an entrepreneur can employ in attracting and developing both internal and external customers. The main ones are developing and managing effective communication lines with the internal and external customers, promoting their satisfaction and building loyalty and long term relationships with both the internal and external customers. Effective communication is the very essence of the success in any entrepreneurial venture. Communicating effectively the entrepreneurial idea to the external customers is the central tenet that ensures effective selling. Similarly internal customers are better able to serve enthusiastically where they understand exactly what they are trying to achieve in the business and the value that the business is offering. Communication impacts the perceived value of the entrepreneurs products both to the external and ...

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The expert describes what an entrepreneur should do to attract and develop both the "internal" customer (employees) and the "external" customer.

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