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Entrepreneurial Culture & Creative Thinking

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1. How can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture?

2. In your mind, how important is creative thinking within an organization or business?

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1. How can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture? In your mind, how important is creative thinking within an organization or business?

The employer needs to remember what it is like to be an employee. To begin this process of building an entrepreneur culture the employer needs to consider asking: Are the employees presently contributing to the company's growth through their energy and ideas? Or, are the employers merely putting in the hours until a better opportunity comes along? Therefore, to develop an entrepreneur culture, employee participation and involvement is important. Employers need to find ways to involve the employees, as people want to contribute to a cause they believe in, and one that recognizes the value of their participation. (http://www.score.org/culture_employees.html).

Second, this entrepreneur culture is created through leadership. This entrepreneur attitude needs to be instilled in workers, which involves more than saying "we will be entrepreneurs" as part of the mission statement. In fact, highly effective leaders are ...

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This solution exmaines how a company can develop an entrepreneurial culture, as well as the importance of creative thinking within an organization or business. References are provided.

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