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    Creative Thinking/Thinkers

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    This module covers Creative Thinking and Creative Thinkers.

    Are there any achievements that are completely original?
    Can a person be creative without a product?
    Are you creative?
    How do you know that you are creative?
    Who are geniuses? Are they born or made? Is it nature or nurture?
    Is there any similarities between creative thinking in the field of art and creative thinking in the process of technological invention?

    For this discussion question, pick 2 - 4 questions from the above list. Review relevant information in the text, and also look at some other resources, whether printed or web-based, to give you some additional perspective. Please cite your additional sources as part of your response.

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    One way in which an individual can ascertain that they are indeed creative, is by carefully analyzing the results of their day-to-day activities and or lifestyle, in addition, an analysis of their accomplishments up to the present time will also be a key indicator as to whether or not an individual is creative. In respect to myself in answering this question, I know that I am creative, due to the fact that most of my accomplishments throughout life are entrepreneurial in nature, which requires a great deal of creativity within itself. I have always been ...

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    The expert examines creative thinking and creative thinking. The achievements that are completely original are provided.