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    Thinking Styles and Decision-Making

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    Thinking and Decision Making

    Prepare a paper in which you analyze at least three different types of thinking styles.

    Compare and contrast the three different types of thinking and comment on how each affects the critical-thinking process.

    Apply critical thinking to the decision-making process by discussing workplace examples that highlight each of the three different types of thinking you have examined in this paper.

    Format your paper according to APA standards and cite 2-3 references.

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    The Thinking Styles and Decision Making

    I. Introduction

    There are many different types of people with different ways of thinking to be able to come up with decisions. Individuals use the different thinking styles in their personal and professional lives. Their experiences that they have learned since they were children, both formal and informal ways, have greatly shaped the way they think. This paper will examine and analyze three different thinking styles and how they affect the critical-thinking process. By being able to understand the nature of these thinking styles, we become more equipped to analyze situations and be able to make the best decisions.

    II. The Three Thinking Styles:

    A. Logical Thinking
    Most people in the business world use the logical way of thinking. Logical persons analyze situations in order to come up with the results or solutions to the problems that are likely to occur. Logical thinkers consider all scenarios as possible outcomes and this is the reason why decisions made are considered more informed decisions and there is lower likelihood that an incorrect conclusion is achieved.

    Logical thinking is sequential thinking. A logical person takes the important facts, ideas and conclusions and organizes them in a step-by-step progression until it arrives to a sensible decision. The results of a highly developed logical thinking skill is a person who is highly observant of the facts of a situation or problem; knows how to apply a technique to analyze the facts; understands the problem thoroughly before taking action; clarifies what needs to be done; investigates an issue from every perspective; knows how to figure out how to get the best information and what data is needed; and creates a workable plan based on the ideas that have been gathered. ...

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    The solution is formatted in APA style analyzing three different types of thinking styles and discussing workplace examples applying critical thinking to the decision-making process with the use of the thinking styles mentioned. References included.