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    Important information about Thinking and Decision Making

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    - Analyze and explain the following three different types of thinking styles: Creative, Scientific, and Persuasive Thinking

    - Compare and contrast the three different types of thinking and comment on how each affects the critical-thinking process.

    - Finally, apply critical thinking to the decision-making process by discussing a workplace example that highlights each of the three different types of thinking you have examined.

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    //Before writing about the Creative, Scientific, and Persuasive thinking style we should also know the basic use of these styles. After writing about the basic use we will explain each concept individually. It is important for us to understand these concepts clearly.

    Creative, Scientific, and Persuasive Thinking styles are the three different disciplines that explain the thinking and help in decision-making.

    Creative Thinking:

    Creativity is the ability to create new ideas by imagination or by reapplying, combining and changing existing ideas. In strategic planning, i.e. at strategizing and in product & service management, i.e. in designing new product and services, creative thinking is useful.

    A rapidly expanding marketplace, i.e. globalization, increasing competition, diversity among consumers and new technologies drives businesses towards creative thinking. It is a key to the success of the business. Creative thinking explores ideas; generate possible alternatives rather than just one. It also includes brainstorming, i.e. creative thinking is related to curiosity, challenge and improvement that can solve problems.

    Scientific Thinking:

    The most formal discipline of thinking is scientific thinking. The most reliable and successful method in thinking is scientific thinking that is based upon logics and concepts. Scientific thinking is always practiced by scientists and questions, observations, tests, hypothesis, data and theories are applied to get reliable solutions to problems. The three principles of scientific thinking are:

    ? Empiricism

    ? Rationalism

    ? Skepticism

    The application of scientific thinking is done through study and investigation. There would be no scientific thinking without these principles. Through scientific thinking, scientific ...

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    A comparison and contrast of three different types of thinking and comment on how each affect the critical thinking processes. 940 words, APA.