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Martin's Decision Making Model

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Identify a problem in your organization, or a challenge from your simulation experience, and apply the four stages of Martin's decision-making model to it.

First, identify how the problem would be solved using conventional thinking and then discuss how the same problem would be solved using integrative thinking. Second, discuss how Cohen's discussion of assumptions relates to integrative decision-making and how assumptions might affect the outcome of decisions.

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// The paper will include the problem in decision making regarding the unpredictable behavior of customers. Further, it will encircle the decision making model that will include four stages or approaches that are used in decision making in order to make qualitative decisions.//

Problem identified

The problem identified within the organization that actually hinders the decision making of management team is related to consumer behavior. Consumer behavior is very unpredictable, which causes management to think and rethink about the needs and expectations of customers. Consumer behavior and consumer decision-making have become prominent research topics in various fields of consumer science in recent years.

Consumer science includes the former discipline of home economics and refers to a discipline that revolves around consumer behavior and decision making, concerned with food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing and interior merchandise in everyday living in order to meet basic and higher order needs for physical, psychological, socio-psychological and financial satisfaction in a complex micro and macro environment.

This problem could be solved by using various consumer behavior models. Usually, the natural decision making model is non linear. It basically depends on the ability of the decision makers to think in a systematic way, listen and apply the anecdotal information and use of common sense and natural intuitive ability. In order to solve this problem of unpredictable consumer ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 878 words with references.