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Creative Thinking, Innovation & Disruptive Innovation

Name 5 traits of creative thinkers. Why are each important to being creative?

What is a mental model? How are they created? How may they be changed?

What is disruptive innovation? Provide an example

How does general intelligence differ from creativity? Be specific.

What is leadership's role in developing and sustaining a culture of innovation in their organization? Provide an example.

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Here are some traits of creative thinkers:

1. Display curiosity about many things....ask questions...broad interests. This is important because it enables the individual to be open to many different stimuli. They are constantly thinking about new things, questioning the status quo.

2. Generates a large number of ideas and solutions to problems, often in unique, clever ways. Clearly this is important in being creative- by continuing to generate ideas there is a larger chance of success.

3. Uninhibited by other's opinions. Often are radical and spirited, tenacious and persistent. Important trait in pursuing ideas once they are formed and not allowing other's opinions to shape, stifle, or change thoughts.

4. Risk ...

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This solution outlines five traits of creative thinkers and explains why they are important. It also outlines what a mental model is, gives a definition and example of disruptive innovation,describes how creativity is developed and nurtured within the culture of an organization, and gives an example. In addition, the solution has links to further help the student.