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Disruptive Innovations Article Analysis

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Write an article analysis in which you identify two potentially disruptive innovations (not evolutionary innovations). Address how at least three of the following environmental factors may affect the evolution of these innovations:

o Business
o Regulatory
o Financial
o Market
o Social/ethical
o Economic
o Political/global

Format your paper according to APA standards.
Use at least two different, academic references.

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Disruptive innovations article analysis is examined.

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Please find the guidance notes and references for disruptive innovation theory in US healthcare industry in the attached file.


Disruptive Innovation in Health Care Industry

A disruptive innovation is an important, profitable and beneficial theory and meets the needs for the upcoming and new population of customers in the market. In other words, disruptive refers to an improvement or advancement that improves a service or a product in a manner that has never been expected by the market. Disruptive innovation theory is beneficial for customers as well as business. Businesses need to concentrate on the target market and the basic requirement of the customers with regard of the product due to apply the theory of disruptive innovation. Disruptive Innovation theory effectively helps for averting the competition as well as helps for gaining the dynamic profit from the market (Pitts, 2010).

Disruptive innovation effect on Health Care Industry
Health Care industry is very dynamic and growing industry. In the U.S people spend a big part of their earning on their health care. So the healthcare industry is very important that captures the financial part of customers in the US. Disruptive innovation theory creates an effective and efficient impact on the health care industry. Disruptive innovations can come up with treatments that are less expensive, more effective, consistent and encouraging more people to consume new medications. There are many example of disruptive innovations in healthcare industry such as home pregnancy tests, blood glucose monitoring kits, angioplasty etc (Christensen, Anthony & Roth, 2004).

Health care industry uses the disruptive innovation theory for providing the effective and cheap health care service to their customer. The disruptive innovation theory has to face many barriers from their internal and external environment. There are many environmental factors that affect the disruptive innovations such as business, financial, regulatory, market, social /ethical, ...

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