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    Soft Innovation at University Hospital

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    1. How did radical innovation play a role in the case?
    2. What role did top management play within the soft innovations?
    3. Explain and support how technology played a role in the soft innovations?
    4. Explain and support how soft innovations are comparable to individual systems through input, process, output, feedback, and feedforward?

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    Interesting topic! Have you read the article yet? If not, that is the place to start. Now, let's take a closer look at the following questions.


    1. How did radical innovation play a role in the case?

    Briefly, this longitudinal study examined the origins of the soft innovations (defined as insightful, useful ideas originating from the stakeholders) within an open systems environment. Specifically, the study investigates the impact of soft innovation from empowered and integrated individuals processing integrate information. This investigation method was conducted through a longitudinal study of the perioperative services that underwent disruptive, radical innovation (see p. 3 section on disruptions from radical innovation), analyzing the qualitative problems and environmental complexities. It was an in-depth case study. During the 30-month study, they conducted field research gathering information from multiple sources, including interviews, field surveys, site observations, field notes, archival records, and documents reviews (see p. 2).

    "Narayanan noted that radical innovation is a consequence of technological change and radical innovation disrupts an organization and/or its environment. During the disruptive and until stability can be achieved, innovation may be classified as undergoing change dynamics where the technology emergence leads to incremental change" (p. 2).

    The authors found that the complexity of technological change from radical innovation is the main factor that gives rise to process improvements, such as soft ...

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    In reference to the case study, this solution discusses the role of radical innovation, top management. and technology played a role in the soft innovations. It then compares soft innovations to individual systems through input, process, output, feedback, and feedforward.