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Business Review: Texas Children's Hospital

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I'm currently working on a business review. The organization I'm working on is Texas Children's Hospital. I need to evaluate the following areas:

Human Resources
? Salary and wage trends
? Benefits profile
? Turn-over history in key positions and skill areas
? Recruitment
? Development planning

? Age of facilities
? Level-of-effort for routine maintenance
? Backlog of maintenance and repair
? Utility cost trends and conservation actions
? ADA and OSHA compliance
? Security
? Parking and access

This the hospital's webpage:


Please provide sources of the above information.


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Solution Summary

In reference to a business review, this solution evaluates an organization e.g. Texas Children's Hospital on several dimensions e.g. aspects of human resources and facilities. Supplemented with two resources on health laws and hospital ratings.

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Ranked only by reputation, hospitals in these specialties were names by at least 3 percent of the specialists responding to U.S. News surveys in 2002, 2003, and 2004.
Rank Hospital Reputational score
1 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
2 Children's Hospital Boston
3 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
4 Texas Children's Hospital, Houston
5 Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian
6 Rainbow Babies & ...

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