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    Business Analysis of Duke Children's Hospital

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    If someone can assist me in understanding how to prepare an analysis of how Duke Children's Hospital implemented the balanced scorecard and its apparent effects. Please see documents that are attached.

    Introduction: What process did Duke Children's Hospital follow in creating a balanced scorecard? Why did the hospital decide to use the balanced scorecard to evaluate its stakeholder relationships and its business processes? What was the reaction of the staff?

    Analysis: In the balanced scorecard Duke University Children's Hospital developed, on what internal business process did the hospital focus? What measures were used? What changes were made in that business process?

    Conclusion: Describe how the changes in its business processes affected both employees and customers (patients); this involves considering multiple perspectives, both those of participants and those of stakeholders.

    Evaluation: Did Duke Children's Hospital do a good job in designing and using its balanced scorecard? Agree or disagree with the issue, then defend your position. Use your readings to help you decide whether the implementation was done well or poorly.

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    Balanced Scorecard


    Balanced scorecard is a strategic planning tool that is used to transform a strategy into operational measures. Balanced scorecard helps to achieve organizational mission, vision and goals as well as identify the problems into the organization. In the article of Duke Children's Hospital, the hospital had focused on increasing the net margin of it along with employees and patient's satisfaction (Meliones, Ballard, Liekweg & Burton, 2001). In the organization, management had focused on the alignment of organization's goals, objectives and policies with administrator's and clinicians. To create a balanced scorecard, the hospital made a communication bridge among the administrator's and clinicians to effectively use the performance management (Niven, 2009).

    In the given article, the hospital used some business principles to create balanced scorecard. To achieve the organizational goals, mission and objectives, along with high net margin of the organization, hospital decided to make balanced scorecard in the organization (Whittle & Myrick, 2005). To enhance the satisfaction among employees and patients is another reason of making balanced scorecard by the hospital. In using the balanced scorecard, the reaction of employees was positive that enhanced their satisfaction level to work effectively in the hospital. It resulted into enhancement in the service or performance of the employees (Meliones, Ballard, Liekweg & Burton, 2001).


    According to the article, Duke Children's Hospital focused on different aspects of internal business process. Performance management, staff satisfaction and appropriate strategy were focused by the hospital. These can be discussed as following:
    Key Performance Indicators: Key performance indicators were used by the hospital in the internal business process. In this aspect, performance tools and its criteria has been changed by the hospital (Meliones, Ballard, Liekweg & ...

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