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    1.Sixyy nine percent of adults favor gun licensing in general. Choose one adult at random. What is the probability that the selected adult doesn't believe in gun licensing?

    2.In a recent year, of the 1,184,000 bachelor's degrees conferred, 233,000 were in the field of business, 125,000 were in the social sciences, and 106,000 were in education. If one degree is selected at random, find the following probabilities.

    a. That the degree was awarded in education.
    b. That the degree was not awarded in business.

    3.In a survey, 16 percent of American children said they use flattery to get their parents to buy them things. If a child is selected at random, find the probability that the child said he or she does not use parental flattery.

    4.The source of federal government revenue for a specific year is

    50% from individual income taxes
    32% from social insurance payroll taxes
    10% from corporate income taxes
    3% from excise taxes
    5% other

    If revenue is selected at random, what is the probability that it comes from individual or corporate income taxes?

    5.At a used book sale, 100 books are adult books and 160 books are children's books. Seventy of the adult books are nonfiction while 60 of the children's books are nonfiction. If a book is selected at random, find the probability of selecting the following

    a. fiction

    b. not a children's nonfiction

    c. an adult book or a children's nonfiction

    6. This distribution represents the length of time a patient spends in a hospital
    Days Frequency
    0-3 2
    4-7 15
    8-11 8
    12-15 6
    16+ 9
    If a patient is selected, find these probabilities

    a.the patient spends 3 days or fewer in the hospital
    b.the patient spends fewer than 8 days in the hospital
    c.the patient spends 16 or more days in the hospital
    d.the patient spends a maximum of 11 days in the hospital

    7. If one half of Americans believe that the federal government should take primary responsibility for eliminating poverty, find the probability that three randomly selected Americans will agree that it is the federal governments responsibility to eliminate poverty.

    8. A circuit to run a model railroad has eight switches. Two are defective. If a person selects two switches at random and tests them, find the probability that the second one is defective, given that the first one is defective.

    9. A lot of portable radios contains 15 good radios and 3 defective ones. If two are selected and tested, find the probability that at least one will be defective.

    10. A medication is 75% effective against a bacterial infection. Find the probability that if 12 people take the medication, at least one person's infection will not improve.

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