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    Probability and Probability Density

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    I need a very clear definition of the difference between probability and probability density with examples.

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    What are differences between probability and probability density?
    Definition of probability: The probability of an event is the measurement of how likely this event will happen. It is defined as the number of ways this event can happen divided by the total number of possible outcomes. The formula is: (please see the attached file)

    For example, if we toss a fair dice, there are six possible outcomes, which are numbers from 1 to 6. Since the dice is considered fair, the probability of each number appearing after tossing is equally likely.
    Let event A be that number 4 appears, then P(A)= (please see the attached file).
    If the event A is that an even number appears. There are 3 even numbers, which are 2,4 and 6, so the number ...

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