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    Standard Normal Distribution Table

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    Use the Normal Table to find the following:

    a) Probability (z < -2.65)
    b) Probability (z > -1.55)
    c) Probability (-2.00 < z < 2.25)
    d) Probability ( 1.25 < z < 2.40)

    Please show the steps you used to get to the answers.

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    a) Probability (z < -2.65)

    In the tables prob values for only positive z is given

    We will look up Cumulative probability for Z = 2.65

    This is equal to 0.4960
    This means the probability from z=0 to z= 2.65 is 0.4960

    Since the normal distribution is symmetric this is also equal to probability from z=0 to z= -2.65

    Probability (z < -2.65) = 0.5 - Prob ( Z= 0 to ...

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    Using standard normal distribution table has been used to calculate probabilities in the solution.