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Probability of failure of components

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Two components of a machine work independently. The probability that component A will fail is 0.1, and the probability that component B will fail is 0.2.

A) What is the probability that both components will fail?
B) What is the probability that only one of the components will fail?
C) What is the probability that at least one component will fail?
D) What is the probability that neither component will fail?

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Probability of failure of components is calculated.

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Probability that A will fail=p1= 0.1
Probability that A will not fail=q1=1-p1= 0.9 =1-0.1

Probability that B will fail=p2= 0.2
Probability that B will not fail=q2=1-p2= 0.8 =1-0.2

A) What is the probability that both components will fail? ...

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