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    Healthcare Organizations Instituted Transformational Change

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    Include 4-6 references

    Mark Twain is said to have uttered the following about change, "It's not the progress I mind, it's the change I don't like". Utilizing other web-based resources, identify two healthcare organizations that have instituted transformational changes to promote/create learning organizations covering the following points:

    What were the problems/issues that lead to the change or the needs for change?
    Who were the various stakeholders involved in the change?
    What time frame was involved in the change process?
    What financial resources were allocated for the change?
    What issues surfaced during the change process?
    What is/are the outcomes of the change?
    Are there institutional lessons learned from the change process?

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    Cincinnati Children's Hospital

    The Cincinnati Children's Hospital is an example of organization which has successfully transformed from being a good health care provider to being ranked third in the 2008 annual America's Best Hospitals Survey. The hospital had lot of great care providers but it did not provide the right environment for the best delivery of that care. There were barriers to the delivery of best care; the hospital was capable of providing. To address this issue the organization realized that quality of healthcare was a primary issue that should be overcome.

    The process of change began with the Board of Directors creating a new vision statement for the hospital-Cincinnati Children's will be the leader in improving child health. To achieve this vision the hospital realized that there has to be a fundamental change in the culture, transformational change and change in the fundamental systems supporting the hospital. The major stakeholders were the leadership team along with the staff of the hospital. The families were also involved to serve on Committee to provide valuable insights into what families want and need when they bring their children to the medical center for treatment. The change process started in 2000 and in ...

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    Healthcare organizations instituted transformational change is examined.