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    Transformation of Healthcare Learning Organizations

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    Identify two healthcare organizations that have instituted transformational changes to promote/create learning organizations

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    One of the learning organizations investigated is the UK's National Health Service. This
    organization is selected because of its size and widespread network of health centers, hospitals, health
    care providers and services. The transformation of such a large health care organization into a learning
    organization presents many challenges, in that methods or processes for learning in the various settings
    require different approaches. "This requires the organization supporting each individual to make the
    best of their aptitudes and abilities in the above directions, and to build on them continuously" (Sheaff
    & Pilgrim, 2006). While it is true that to become a learning organization, each member should be
    involved in some type of learning that is ongoing and occurs periodically, it is questionable as to whether
    this constitutes organizational learning or the basis of identifying an organization as one that is a
    learning organization.
    For the NHS, another definition of a learning organization is ...

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    The solution offers examples of how two different healthcare organizations have transformed, into learning organizations.