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Incentives for Competition

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Market forms and increased competition create incentives to use resources efficiently and increase the quality of the services provided.

Critically evaluate this statement with a focus on the health field

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Market forms create incentives to use resources efficiently, due to the fact that in the healthcare field when there are many different healthcare organizations offering the same kinds of services, and the organization that can provide these services utilizing the least amount of its available resources will have the greatest probability of surviving within the healthcare industry. Market forms also create incentives to use resources efficiently, due to the fact that there are is an increasing number of healthcare organizations that are each taking a portion of the overall market share within the healthcare industry, which means that to be competitive and organization must always have the resources that are needed in order to provide the services that their patients need and want. This creates a situation where it is vital that healthcare organizations are frugal with their human and material resources in order to ...

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