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Managerial Statistics

2.2: Soft drinks are sold in three sizes at a fast-food restaurant- small, medium, and large. Explain why the size of the soft drinks is an example of an oridnal scaled variable.
2.25: Each day at a large hospital, several hundred laboratory tests are performed. The rate at which these tests are done improperly ( and therefore need to be redone) seems steady, at about 4%. In an effort to get to the root cause of these nonconformances, tests that need to be redone, the director of the lab decided to keep records over a period of one week. The laboratory tests were subdivided by the shift of works who performed the lab tests. The results are as follows...
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Please explain in detail and step by step on how to solve each problem. Please use Excel.


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Contingency tables based on total percentages, row percentages, and column percentages constructed. Conclusions reached are indicated.