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Article - Disruptive Innovations and Health Care Management

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Executive Summary should address the following:

â?¢ What is the problem or issue that necessitates that such an article be written?
â?¢ What strategies or techniques are used to solve the problem or address the issue?
â?¢ Your conclusions and recommendations from the article.
â?¢ Your assessment of how the article contributes to helping practicing healthcare managers

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Solution Summary

The solution is the review of the article Disruptive Innovations and Health Care Management written by Maureen Glabman (2009). It describes the main topic that urge the article to be written, strategies such as disruptive technologies and how the article can contribute to help practicing healthcare managers contain costs.

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Disruptive Innovations and Health Care Management

Maureen Glabman (2009) in "Disruptive Innovations That Will Change Your Life in Health Care" discussed the 'innovative' way to control health care cost presented in the book "The Innovator's Prescription" by Christensen, Grossman, and Hwang (2009). Christensen et al. suggested that the present model of health care is inefficient and does not deliver perfect results. They proposed that disruptive innovations can lower health care cost but radical changes in the mentality of the health care system were needed to facilitate the incorporation of disruptive technologies in the present model of health care. The term "disruptive technology" describes a "new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology" (Glabman, 2009, "What is a", para. 1), and when accompanied by business and marketing plans is called 'disruptive innovation'. The disruptive innovation has the power to change the customary technology by providing a product that delivers a better service at a cheaper price. This article described five disruptive innovations that could positively affect health care delivery in the coming years by ...

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