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Stewardship, Operational Ethics, Disruptive Technology

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Stewardship and Operational Ethics
Find the Fast Company article, "Toms sets out to Sell a Lifestyle," read it and comment on how you believe Toms Shoes and its founder, Blake Mycoskie is practicing good stewardship (or not)? What implications do organizations need to consider as they adopt a corporate responsibility agenda? ... - Article attached

Disruptive Technology
As our world becomes more "inter-connected" (to the Internet), effects are running into a number of seemingly safe areas - specifically the movie/entertainment business.
Using recent stories about Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Redbox, Netflix and Movie Theaters in general, discuss the effect of disruptive technology (in this case being influenced by Internet access) and how it is affecting these businesses.

Note: The list of companies (above) is not inclusive, nor must you speak to each of them. Another option is to use your own industry as an example of how disruptive technology has changed the landscape of how you do business OR disruptive technology that is on the horizon that threatens the "mental models" of how your business or industry operates


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--Stewardship and Operational Ethics --
Consider the effort in "improving the conditions of children foot care" by donating thousands of TOMS shoes for the population. The donations from family, friends, and colleagues on the cause to making a difference in the world of younger children in poverty demonstrates the stewardship objective. The CEO commitment in aligning availability of resources to thereby utilizes in an attempt to improving conditions. The partnership with the company and fellow supporters reinforces the program's commitment model to instilling a responsible corporate structure in global enterprise.

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