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    Core values of stewardship, integrity and excellence in ICT

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    Tie the core values: responsible stewardship, integrity and excellence to new technological innovations that have emerged on the internet that have influenced our lives.

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    Responsible stewardship, according to the World Youth Alliance (2011), means accepting a person as a precious and vital resource of great potential, capable of answering the challenges societies face with innovation and invention, recognizing the natural environment as a source of both physical sustenance and immeasurable beauty to be cared for with wisdom and temperance.

    Integrity means adhering to what is right and ethical.

    Excellence means to stand out and to do extremely well.

    In the age of the latest technological innovation, responsible stewardship, ...

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    The solution discusses how the core values of responsible stewardship, integrity and excellence are intertwined to come up with an upright and trustworthy technological innovation.