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    Pragmatic Entrepreneurial Policy Making

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    1. Brief description of entrepreneurial policymaking (1 paragraph)

    2. Brief description of pragmatic policymaking (1 paragraph)

    3. Explain how entrepreneurial policy makers can incorporate pragmatism practices into their public policy research.


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    Pragmatic Entrepreneurial Policymaking

    1. Brief description of entrepreneurial policymaking (1 paragraph)

    Public policy making means the intentional use of the powers of government to effect a societal outcome. Governance refers to conscious collective action that extends beyond government deploying for instance, the capacities of businesses, community groups and academic institutions to bring about such an outcome. Entrepreneurial policymaking then is using government powers to effect a change in the number of entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurial policy aims to catalyze better governance, for instance by fostering networks of potential customers and service providers, like presence of which reduces the uncertainty facing nascent entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurial policy should have an impact within a period of years on what the 2001 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) labels as "Intermediate conditions" for entrepreneurship. Limiting entrepreneurial policy by reference to "intermediate conditions" is largely pragmatic.

    2. Brief description of pragmatic policymaking (1 paragraph)

    Pragmatic policymaking is problem-oriented, normative, discursive, and transparent.
    Problem -oriented because it focuses on the specific problem at issue and deploys whatever tools are proper, based on the statute under which the issue is addressed. The goal is to assist regulatory decision ...

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