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    Global Strategies for Entrepreneurial Ventures

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    1. Why is entrepreneurship most often associated with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprise), as opposed to larger firms?

    2. Given that most entrepreneurial start-ups fail, why do entrepreneurs found so many new firms? Why are (most) governments interested in promoting more start-ups?

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    //SMEs are most often associated with entrepreneurs and make the important foundation for the development of the country. The section below covers the reasons for the association of SMEs to the entrepreneurs as opposed to large firms. The Next section describes the reason for the failure of start up companies and the interest of government in promoting them.//

    In various countries across the globe, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are recognised as the major constituent of the economy. SMEs are mainly involved in serving the personalised needs and demands of various industries (Peng, 2013). SMEs constitute the major part of the businesses, and the entrepreneurs are considered as the bedrock of the SMEs. The term entrepreneurship is usually associated with small and medium-sized businesses because all the companies whether a new venture or an established brand begins with small entrepreneurs and turn their idea into a new venture. In the present, all the inspiring and leading entrepreneurs were once the entrepreneurs who struggled to establish themselves with their innovative ideas.
    SMEs exist in good numbers everywhere around the globe, but there is no consensus on the definition of SMEs because of practical considerations. Each country has different classifications of ...

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