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Internet consumers as market segment strategy

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What role, if any, does the Internet play in market segmentation strategy? Provide at least one specific example and briefly discuss. When you shop on the Internet do you consider yourself part of a market segment?

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Marketing segmentation is a strategy to divide consumers in segments based on common needs and priorities. The marketing team would then find strategies to target these segments.

With changing trends and ways to shop, internet plays an increasingly important role in marketing activities. This is a way to interact with the customers and understanding their needs better in real time. The Internet's impact has been so profound that it is changing the entire interface between organizations and consumers.
One market segmentation strategy is to observe online behaviors. ...

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This solution discusses marketing strategy in a world of internet consumers.

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E-Commerce and Internet Marketing: semantic web, e-marketing strategy, e-marketing plan steps, digital divide, online engagement segmentation levels, micro-marketing are identified and discussed with references.

Can you please help me with these questions? Each response must be one decent paragraph. Name of the textbook enclosed. Thanks in advance for your help.


1. How does technology change traditional marketing?
2. As a consumer, how is your life changing as the Semantic Web becomes reality?
3. Define e-marketing strategy and explain how it is used.
4. What are the four levels of commitment to e-business and what are some examples of each?
5. What are the seven steps in an e-marketing plan are why are each important?
6. What responsibility do you think e-marketers should assume for helping to close the digital divide? Do you think consumers and governments should assume some responsibility, as well? Explain your answers.
7. What are the two most important online engagement segmentation levels?
8. How does micromarketing differ from multisegment marketing, niche marketing, and mass marketing?

Strauss, J. (2012). E-Marketing. (6th ed). Prentice Hall

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