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    Element for product launch plan

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    Need assistance with the following elements to develop a product launch plan for the Spark Nano GPS tracker. The plan should be made to compliment two markets: domestic and international.

    Prepare PowerPoint slides with extensive speaker notes explaining each of the following elements of your high-technology product launch plan:

    o Marketing objectives and marketing strategy
    o Pricing
    o Marketing communication (including public relations)

    response is 766 words and 7 slides

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    Marketing Objectives/Marketing Strategy

    Because the Spark Nano GPS tracker is a new product, marketers must consider how

    the product is intended to be positioned in the industry, to develop an effective marketing

    strategy. The product is priced lower than competing products and also offers the benefit

    of its small size. The marketing strategy then should focus on advertising through those

    channels that reinforce its benefits of price and size. Marketers must also consider the

    consistency of the marketing message through various channels, though each channel may

    be used to reach a different market segment.

    When a marketing strategy is developed, it should have some clearly stated goals

    for the most effective program. One goal of the marketing campaign can be to help GPS

    Nano become the low cost leader in the GPS tracking device industry. Another goal, which

    focuses on benefit to consumers, can be to increase brand awareness through each of the

    channels the Spark Nano product is promoted.


    While the current price of the Spark Nano GPS tracker is slightly lower than competitors,

    such a strategy may need to be ...

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