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    Developing a Product Launch Plan

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    Hi, my assignment is to develop a product launch plan for two markets (domestic and international). The two markets are China and Israel. I need help in explaining each of the following elements in my Product Launch Plan: (Huawei Technologies product launch-product is a cordless tethering Android Phone).

    1. I need help in describing the competition.
    2. I need help in providing market objectives and strategies.

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    //Launching a product needs a different strategy in the domestic market as well as in the international market. Market objectives and competition differs from market to market. This document will include the element that hinders market expansion in China and Israel. It will also include the strategic planning outline for the new product and for the support of the new product launch in two markets - China and Israel.//

    Huawei technology has launched smart android phones and the company recently entered into the market of smart phones in China as well as in some other parts of the world. The company has designed low end android based devices that pose serious competition to many well known companies. The company tried its best by launching the product worldwide. Some of the details are mentioned below (Industry insight, 2012).

    New product launch in Chinese market

    There are many companies that seek the Chinese market as their scope of expansion. But many companies go into losses because of customer's preferences and market demand of China. In order to excel well in the new market, a company has to care about the culture, taste preference of people and market demand of the nation. This strategy is best suited for domestic as well as international markets (Petavy, 2011).

    Marketing objective and strategy

    The significant objectives of Huawei technology are:
    - To offer customers low priced electronic devices
    - To expand the market share in the domestic country


    The Chinese are very apprehensive about the western culture; they don't easily adapt western products, so in order to build a successful story in the Chinese market, the taste of Chinese customers should be given preference. There are many new and upcoming products, but the Chinese public is least ...

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