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Product Offering

Perform a product launch (see pp. 61-67 (Ch. 2) of Marketing
Management for a sample plan).

Chosen product-music label (All Genres)
Chosen country-Italy
Chosen-organization-Pnuma Music Group LLC

Product Identification


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Planning of the launch: This will consist of the activities that will be produced by Pnuma Music Group. These activities will be related to developing and producing DVDs, CDs, and uploading the music and testing it on the website of Pnuma Music Group. Each functional department will be made aware of the activities they need to perform for the launch of Pnuma. It shall be planned that each functional group has the resources required to launch including personnel and finance. There will be monitoring to ensure that all launch activities are on time.

Technical aspect of the launch: The music performance and all the aspects of the video and audio tracks will be evaluated, tested, and if need be edited so that the music launched meets the highest standards. The talent that is being supported by Pnuma ...

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