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    Deodorant Marketing Plan to a Youth Demographic

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    Arimount, a well known name in the personal care industry, desires to launch a deodorant, which will work for up to 5 days, even after bath. The company's research and development department has invented a compound, which will help the deodorant to stay on for up to 5 days. Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company, will have an edge if it will launch this kind of product. The name suggested for this product is "Crysteffect", i.e. indicating the crystal effect. This product will be innovative in the sense that no other company offers such as up to 5 days sweat and body odor resistant quality.

    Create a marketing plan for the company. To what segments will your company market to, and what variables should be used in these segmentations? Discuss the way your company will address your customers' buying decision process.

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    Arimount's Crysteffect, the core demographic is the youth demographic for continued promotion of the brand. Additional, the demographic segment is the athletic or physical activity characteristic warranted for using the product deodorant.

    Let's take a look on how framing the known demographic segment can be capitalized for succeeding in the marketplace:

    The Arimount Company specializes in serving the young demographic with desired beauty products that satisfy their grooming needs. Therefore, the targeted segments are youth demographic with an average of 11 up to 17 years old for a timeframe that their bodies are changing constantly to reaching adulthood. In the aim of brand identity efficiency, the core focus on the youth demographic will present a strong foundation of consumers following the company's future promotions. Marketing to ...

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    The deodorant marketing plan to a youth demographics are examined. Why the company will address your customers' buying decision process is determined.