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    Two Part Marketing Management Assignment

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    Being on the cutting edge of technology and marketing is a talent that is coveted in todays ever-changing market. Here is your opportunity to do research in what is new and decide if it works for your site launch.

    Part 1: Target Market & Competition

    Identify your target market. Provide a specific demographic profile and rationale for this decision. Use this link to help you. Consider the size of the market and its purchasing power. Research is required to back-up your selection and to provide statistics to show that it is a viable market.
    Get into the heads of your target market. Why does it WANT to be seen using your product/service?
    Copying and pasting statistical tables does not show your mastery of the materials. Create the information in an original format.

    Analyze your competition. Who are they? Who are the biggest players (include market share data)? How large is the market? What are the trends/forecasts in the industry? How does your product/service fit in? Hoover's Pro in the Library is a good tool for this section; it may be accessed under Find Web Resources
    What does your competition offer that your target market wants? How can you compete?

    Part 2: Marketing implementation Activity
    Using the business you have been working with throughout the class, created an integrated marketing communication plan which includes both traditional and internet components. NOTE: Provide a detailed description of your IMC approach. Explain your rationale for choosing or rejecting the specific elements.
    Describe the message you wish to communicate based on your core strategy. Explain your rationale for the message.

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    Marketing Your Business:

    Introduction :

    Business venturing in technology provision will always be found within the technology industry which has stiff competition from companies such as Dell, Hp and Toshiba. These businesses can however come up with certain strategies which they can use within the target market to enhance their competitive strength.

    Part 1: Target market and competition:

    Technology ensures that the needs of individuals and organizations are catered for in the organization in several ways having in mind that technology is always changing radically to meet the needs of the people which are always advancing. This provides a reason why there is always adaptation of different technology in the world to serve a conceivable target market. Entrepreneurs are always looking for the best target market to be served which have not yet been served by technological innovations (Kokemuller, 2011).

    The business market is the target market which will be used in marketing my technological business. technology is known to serve the business market in a number of ways. Businesses will always depend on technology to ensure complete functionality for example for the purpose of communication; businesses will always require a telephone or the use of an email. For the purpose of processing advanced transactions, business will always require the use of credit cards or the use of pay pal. Companies which deal in the sale of software will always target the business market so that it could offer the market with software such as accounting software, auditing software, database management software among others. The small computer networking companies can also target the business market since they can offer network security to the businesses among others (Kokemuller, 2011).

    Competition analysis:

    Being in the technological industry, there are several firms which have offered competition to my technological company with some competitors being the major players in the industry. The competitors in the industry are concerned with the production of technological equipment and services to the business market for ...

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