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    Marketing Audit Approach

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    Using the Marketing Audit Overview as a guide, prepare an action plan to include key tasks (what you will do and how you will do it) and due dates. Be sure to include key resources such as people, data, reports, and articles, among others to be used.
    The key word is Approach. The assignment is asking you to identify how you will approach doing the assignment. The term action plan means what steps you will take to complete the assignment.

    When preparing the assignment, for each part of the Marketing Audit you will need to discuss the following:
    a. What types of information and data you plan to review
    b. The types of analysis you might perform on the data that you collect
    c. When you plan to do this
    d. Any challenges that you perceive in completing the part

    As there are five parts to the Audit, and four questions above, you should present to the instructor 20 pieces of information about your approach for doing the audit. While there is no minimum length for this assignment, a one- or two-paragraph response will most likely not provide the reader with sufficient detail to demonstrate that you have (a) thought in depth about the assignment and (b) have in place a work plan that will allow you to begin work on the project

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    Regarding the five parts to a Marketing Audit, this solution applies the four questions to each of the five parts to a Marketing Audit, providing at least 20 pieces of information about this approach for doing the audit.