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Marketing Plan for Axe

Create the following components of a marketing plan for Axe's new deodorant for the next year.
The marketing plan should include:
1. Situational Analysis
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Financials
4. Controls
The situational analysis must include (but is not limited to) a SWOT analysis and information about the top three competitors. Competitor information should be based on research of real companies who could compete with this product. Support your data with sources no more than five years old.

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In this paper marketing plan for a new hypothetical product will be discussed. The company selected for this purpose is the Axe. This section of paper will provide an introduction of the new product which is to be launched by the company. In the following part the situational analysis of the marketing scenario will be discussed. The section paper will also discuss the possible competitors of the product. Along with it, marketing strategies will also be discussed in this part.

The company selected for this paper is Axe. Axe, a well known name in the personal care industry, desires to launch a deodorant, which will work for more than 72 hours, even after bath. The company's research and development department has invented a compound, which will help the deodorant to stay on for 96 hours. Axe, a market leader in male grooming products, will have an edge if it will launch this kind of product. The name suggested for this product is "Crysteffect", i.e. indicating the crystal effect. This product will be innovative in the sense that no other company offers such a 96 hours sweat and body odor resistant quality.

Marketing Plan for the Product "Crysteffect"

The first and foremost point to consider in this marketing planning is the situation analysis. It includes the external and internal environments of the company. The company's internal environment includes the strengths and weaknesses while the external environment includes competition and other environmental forces.

SWOT Analysis: The strengths of the company lie in the creation of excellent fragrances and excellent customer base. The excellent advertising campaign like "the axe effect" is extremely popular among youth, and it has also helped this company to build a ...

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