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    Marketing message: One sided or two sided

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    Choose one of the options listed below to write a paper in the APA writing style. Include whether the message was one-sided or two-sided; whether the marketer used a central or peripheral route to persuasion; a socially undesirable position; or, if the message was delivered by narrowcasting, evaluate the potential issues:

    Find two to three examples of each of the following two advertising appeals: fear and sex;
    Watch one hour of prime time TV on a single channel; record the program and all its commercials. List all the commercials.

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    Persuasion is an important part of communication; it is the process of convincing or changing mind and attitude of people. Marketers use persuasive messages to change attitude and behavior of the consumers in order to convince them why their products are better and why should customer buy their products. Marketers use different approaches and tactics to attract attention of the consumers through influencing their feelings toward the product, service, or cause. They uses various appeals such as humor, emotional, personal, social, fear, sex music and rational appeals to change mindset of a consumer. Let's discuss few of the popular appeals used by marketers to influence their customers:

    Sex Appeal: From various studies it has been found that Sex has been employed in attracting consumers since the beginning of advertising. Sex is the element of advertising which arouse immediate interest of men and women both. It catches the eye of people and has the greatest appeal and acceptance around the world.

    Ad 1: Calvin Klein (Jeans Ad)

    Analysis: This ad was designed by Calvin Klein for promoting sale of jeans. In this ad models wear its single product, only jeans nothing else; model also quoted it as saying' Jeans are about sex'. This ad is a classic example of one sided message as ad shows all possible positive advantages of wearing Calvin Klein jeans. Marketer have used peripheral route of persuasion as instead of ...

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    The marketing message for one sided or two sided issues are examined.