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    Hypothesis Testing

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    The maker of refrigerators buys bolts from two suppliers, and it is very important that the mean widths of the bolts received from both suppliers are equal since they must be used interchangeably. The refrigerator maker receives a large shipment of volts from each supplier and draws a random sample of 49 bolts from each shipment. The refrigerator maker wants to test whether the mean width is the same in both shipments.

    a)State the Null and the Alternate Hypothesis:

    b)Is the Alternate Hypothesis one-sided or two sided?

    Suppose that the refrigerator manufacturer finds that the mean width of the bolts taken from the one shipment is 1.14 inches, and that the mean width of the bolts taken from the other shipment is 1.09 inches. The standard deviation of the widths of bolts in each 0.10 inches. Based on this experience, should the manufacturer reject the hypothesis that the mean widths are equal. Test the hypothesis at the .o5 significance level.

    c)What is the test statistic?

    d)What is your decision regarding Ho?

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    a)State the Null and the Alternate Hypothesis:

    Ho: Mean widths are equal
    H1: Mean widths ...

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