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    Hypothesis Testing

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    1. What is the five step process for hypothesis testing? Why or why not? What is the null hypothesis? Why is it important? What are its implications? Explain. You may use examples to show your understanding.

    2. Why is it said that hypothesis testing involves a double negative logic? Explain why you think that this logic is important for application in statistical reasoning? How can it or can it not aid research? You may use additional resources to answer this Discussion Question.

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    The first step in hypothesis testing is specifying the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis is important because it states the assumption which you are trying to test, or in other words, prove false. It is important to understand that the null hypothesis can never be proven; it can only not be rejected. The second step in hypothesis testing is specifying the alternative hypothesis. The alternative hypothesis is opposite of the null hypothesis. For example, if you studied crashes at a ...

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    This solution outlines the five steps of the hypothesis testing process. Additionally, this solution explains why double negative logic is important for application in statistical reasoning and provides an example to illustrate the topic.