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    Business Opportunity to Reach New Customers

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    Write an essay about a business that you see has an opportunity to reach a business or an organization as a customer. You can either use a real world business or create a business that you want to use. If you are a marketing director of the company, what will be your marketing plan to a business or an organizational customer? Select products and/or services you will offer to your customers. Your target customers can be domestic or abroad. You can also use suppliers from other countries. For example, you can order garments from a country in Asia and sell them to a business or an organization in the U.S.

    In this essay, describe a business with that opportunity. Explain the strategies you will use to analyze your business and organizational customers and their buying behavior.

    Tell briefly about your business and your customers.

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    In the below section, we will discuss the scenario of new business, which is to be established soon. We will write about the market opportunities for the selected business (Deodorant). The discussion will include a brief review about the potential opportunities and marketing objectives for the new business.

    Beauty is a much prompting rational to attract someone's attention. Cosmetics products and services have a prominent position in everybody's life. Cosmetics industry is among the top industries because it serves the daily needs of customers. Everyday new creativity of this industry drives customers to purchase cosmetics. It has become pleasurable and frolic for the customer to try a new product daily. Word of mouth is essential for the publicity of cosmetic business. The cosmetics include beauty products, like perfumes, deodorants, and make- up, shampoos, creams etc. (Pitmen, 2011).

    Market Opportunity

    The selected product is deodorant, catering especially to sportsmen. This comes under the cosmetics products and has maximum opportunity within the beauty and health care industry. ...

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