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    Supply Chain and Marketing Analysis of travel website

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    I need some help getting started, PLEASE.

    Here is what I am supposed to answer, using the following website....

    1.What are they offering to their buyers or consumers?
    2.How could such an e-Business enterprise integrate marketing and supply-chain processes with their brick-and-mortar operations? Should they do this?
    3.What are likely to be the issues with integrating the e-Business web site with legacy supply chain systems?

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    Miki Travel
    This website is of Mikitravel As one of the largest and most experienced wholesale tour operators in Europe, Miki offers the travel industry an unrivaled service.

    1 .What are they offering to their buyers or consumers?

    Miki has been designed with a vision of customer friendliness be in terms of the schemes and the packages they offer to their customers, or the unique rights they have given to their customers. A complete experience by itself.
    It's having long-term partnerships with hotels and all other suppliers combined with their buying power enables them to offer the best availability at the best prices, even in periods of peak demand. Miki continues to expand its network to provide direct service contact in an ever widening range of destinations. They are providing following benefits to the customers:

    * Extensive ...

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