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    Universal Music: Supply Chain and Marketing in E-Business

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    Research the supply chain and marketing elements for Universal Music (www.universalmusic.com)

    The paper would include the information on the supply chain and marketing elements. At the end of the paper, the following would be addressed:

    Addresses how e-Business supply chain and marketing differs from traditional brick and mortar retail and distribution enterprises. Be sure to consider and discuss:
    What are they offering to their buyers or consumers?

    How could such an e-Business enterprise integrate marketing and supply-chain processes with their brick-and-mortar operations? Should they do this?

    What are likely to be the issues with integrating the e-Business web site with legacy supply chain systems?

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    The e-business supply chain is different from the traditional brick and mortar retail and distribution enterprise as it offers the consumer more. A typical entertainment store can only stock so many CDs and DVDs and there is the chance that the particular item the consumer is looking for will sell out.

    The website also offers numerous acts from various music genres, whereas a local music store might only sell music to the demographic that is locally serves.

    Then and Now

    Let us look at music history. Tower Records used to be the number one source for music and DVDs for years. The chain closed all of its retail locations and now only operates as an e-commerce company, such as Universal Music.

    The demographic of the consumer has changed and the demographic of the business has changed. Gone are the days of renting a location, paying overhead and salaries, dealing with disgruntled employees and customers. Today's consumer does not want to drive across town for a music or video purchase. Today's consumer wants the product ...

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    The solution addresses the factors in the Universal Music Supply Chain, its demographics and its marketing elements and how e-business is different from a bricks and mortar retail business.