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    Two related eBusiness Web sites

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    Select two related eBusiness Web sites and analyze the sites in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing and legal ethical regulatory issues.

    1. Select a business industry such as travel, books, music, banking, auctions, etc.

    Come up with a new web business idea. Write a two paragraph summary introducing the business concept. Create a usability table discussing the usability features you want to build on your site.

    2. Discuss at least eight aspects of the supply chain for your business idea. You can use a table to document the aspects.

    3. Discuss the marketing tools and options you wish to employ on your new business site. You can use a table to document the results.

    4. Discuss how you new business will handle at least four legal, security, ethical, and regulatory issues that Web sites must address (4 total). You can use a table to document.

    Prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes the paper (the word document). Your team will present an overview of your project's findings using the PowerPoint slides. The presentation should be about fifteen minutes long.

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