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Look and feel of Barnes and Noble website

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I need help with a project that I have to select three related eBusiness Web sites and analyze the sites in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing and legal ethical regulatory issues. I selected books (Barners & Nobles)

I have to find three different web sites for Barnes & Nobles and describe how the "look and feel" differs for the three web sites and include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of each web sites.

Please provide the references of the web sites.

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The Barnes and Noble website offers the visitor numerous options and links to all of their available products and services. The site provides the user with well categorized, easy to find products as well as a range of services including a free online learning center with author-led discussions and reading groups. The Internet has enabled companies like Barnes and Noble to use their websites as a training resource for all of their products and services (Dessler, 2001). The home page is arranged with tabs to major product categories on the top of the page. The left margin area arranges the content according to interest areas of site visitors ...

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This is a discussion of the look and feel of the Barnes and Noble website including an analysis of the site in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing and legal ethical regulatory issues