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    Web Site Comparison (Amazon, Barnes/Noble & Borders)

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    Describe how the "look and feel" differs for the three Web sites. The websites are Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Borders.

    Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation of each Web site.

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    Barnes & Noble (bn.com)

    Barnes and Noble, similar to Borders, started out as a brick-and-mortar bookstore. Therefore, both of these websites have roots in the book/magazine/reading industry. When you first open the Barnes and Noble website, you are presented with a scrolling list of "Our picks this week." That is the first thing that catches a visitor's eye. Visually, the website is rather middle of the road: green background (on either side when using a widescreen monitor) gives a friendly touch to the site. The other dominant colors are grays and browns (used in borders, menus and tabs).

    Speaking of tabs, Barnes and Noble's navigational tabs across the top of its site are brown in color with white text. As expected, the first one is BOOKS. Resting one's mouse on any of the tabs does not reveal 'sub-menus', you must click on it to see other options.

    As with most Web 2.0 sites today, Barnes and Noble uses a "MY" section on their website for regular visitors and those who have purchased before. This section resides at the very top of the screen and includes "My Barnes and Noble", Store Events and more. Again, they are staying with the theme that many popular websites use: provide a personalization aspect to your site so that customers feel like a part of the process (rather than someone who just stumbled upon the site).

    Although tucked away up top, a button/ad for "Fast & Free Delivery" speaks to customers who are feeling the pinch in today's tight economy. Another expected item is a Search tool/feature, placed between the tabs for each section (Books, DVD's, Music, Toys...) and the scrolling banner for the picks of the week.

    Scrolling down past the banner provides viewers with greater detail about the tabs that reside above (spelling out ...

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