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    Social media and associated customer relationship management

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    Select an organization that you believe is significantly under-performing in terms of their social media and associated customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. Assume that you are a consultant to this organization. Make sure that you specifically describe areas of under-performance using the models and frameworks. Next, provide a set of recommendations that you believe would improve their overall performance in this area. What kinds of things could this firm do to improve their performance in interacting with their customers and potential customers using internet and social media technologies? Try to also leverage your learning from previous modules where we have discussed approaches to value creation and the associated capturing of value.

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    //In the following discussion, Barnes & Noble a renowned bookstore of the United States has been discussed. The channel conflict experienced by the company as a result of e-business of Amazon has been discussed. Along with it, the optimal solution derived in order to overcome the channel conflict has been also discussed. In the end, some recommendations have been discussed in order to fight the challenges in an effective manner. Thus, the whole discussion throws light on the channel conflicts and the optimal solutions derived by Barnes & Noble for overcoming the conflicts.//

    Barnes & Noble Inc is a Fortune 500 company, which is one of the largest retail booksellers in the United States. In addition to this, it is a leading retailer of content, digital media, and various educational products in the United States. This retail company has experienced a channel conflict after the arrival and set up of Amazon.com. Since Amazon deals with books on online ...

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