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Outsourcing: Ethics

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1. Briefly discuss the various organizational approaches to managing ethics within an IS?
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2. Describe how e-commerce begin and what made it successful.
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3. As a member of an IT staff, how can you use social media to support e-commerce? You can search business websites to find good practices of using social media in e-commerce.
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4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.
MUST be 200 words APA FORMAT

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1. There are various organizational approaches to managing ethics within information systems. The first approach is the top management approach. Rules that uphold ethical values are developed by the top management and are given to all employees using the information systems. They are expected to use the rules. For example, the rules may say that one employee may not open the account of another employee nor may he log in as another employee. These rules are explicitly stated by the top management and are given to all users of the information system. Another approach is that top management does not spell out any rules but expects employees to be ethical when using information system. According to this approach the conscience of the user becomes the monitor and prevents unethical behavior (Steven H. Appelbaum, Kyle J. Deguire, Mathieu Lay, 2005). A third approach is that the information systems department develops a code of conduct for users of information systems. When a log in is created for any employee, the code is given to the employee and the employee must sign that he has read the code and agrees to abide by it. The ethical issues are listed in the code. Any violation by an employee can mean that her access to the system is blocked by the Systems Administrator. For example, an accountant found copying data into a pen drive may be suspended from the system. Action is taken against the erring employees and only after his supervisor and head of department sends in a written request is his account restored.

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