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Ethics and Outsourcing

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What are ethics? How do you mediate personal ethics when they differ from a company's ethics? What are some methods for exploring and researching a company's ethics and values?

Do you believe outsourcing for staff is ethical? Why or why not? What are some alternatives? Why do some companies prefer outsourcing to these methods?

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Ethics can be defined as moral code of conduct of set of guidelines that needs to be adhered to in any given situation. It provides a framework or structure within which individuals need to behave in certain situations.

When personal ethics differ from company's ethics, a manager needs to understand the cause of such differences and discuss with employees to bridge such gap and align personal ethics with organizational ...

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The solution looks at the meaning of ethics and how to make your own personal ethics line up with business ethics along with ideas for research one can do into a business' ethics to get an idea of the company's values. 254 words.