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    Human Resource Management

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    We explored HR as a strategic partner in the organization. Building on the knowledge and perspectives that you gained regarding strategic HRM, read all of the required readings (listed on the background page), and then write a 4-5 page paper, not including cover and reference pages, in which you:

    Evaluate the strategic, performance, ethical, and social responsibility issues associated with outsourcing HR, and how you would address and balance these issues as an HR Director.

    The keys to this case study are:
    ? Strategic focus - why outsourcing over growing your own
    ? Cost savings
    ? Compensation management
    ? Benefits management
    ? Ethical considerations
    ? Corporate social responsibility
    ? Outsourcing offshore vs. inside the US

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    Issues Related to H.R. Outsourcing

    HR Outsourcing

    Human Resources is the most valuable and important assts in an organization. Human resource management is one of the most complex and challenging fields of modern management. A human resource manager has to build up an effective workforce, handle the expectations of the employees and ensure that they perform at their best.

    The company's success depends on these employees and their satisfaction level. To maintain the satisfaction of employees, there is need for specialized department but it incurs huge cost. Due to this reason, companies outsource their HR functions that can be performed in a better way and at relatively low cost. In the process of human resources outsourcing, companies use the services of third party to manage its human resources.

    HR outsourcing is the concept in which human resource needs of a firm is fulfilled by other firm which has specialized in it. Some of the companies offer wide range of services, while some firms provide specialized services such as related to recruitment, payroll. The outsourcing of human resources tasks depends upon the size of business and the level of control to be maintained by the firm. The main services provided by human resources outsourcing firms include recruitment & training, focus on the HR department goals & objectives, employee orientation sessions, maintaining organizational structure and fulfilling staffing requirements (What Is HR Outsourcing?,2004).

    Strategic Issues

    Generally, the small and medium sized companies outsource their HR functions. It is a strategic tool which takes away all the responsibilities & issues related to human resources and are assigned to a specialized organization. The companies can focus on their core business operations. The concern for outsourcing is increasing as firm outsourcing HR activities get services of skilled professionals who specifically focus on management of human resources. Maintaining an HR department involves various ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1173 Words, APA Reference