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    Explain how supplier partnerships can be advantageous

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    One of the most controversial topics in the area of sourcing is outsourcing of U.S. domestic jobs to areas with cheaper labor rates, such as India and other areas in Asia.

    Detail the reasons why companies are moving labor to offshore locations.

    Is there an ethical bias with this trend? Do you believe transferring domestic labor to a foreign workforce has ethical issues? If so, what are they?

    Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this outsourcing trend.

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    The prima facie reason for companies moving to offshore regions such as China and India is to take advantage of the cheap labor which is present in abundance in these regions. Further, the US companies not only save lot of money due to cheap labor but also get access to world class intellectual brains, especially in the field of information technology, engineering, etc.. Moreover, in countries like India, there is a large availability of English speaking population ...

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    Explain how supplier partnerships can be advantageous to an organization.