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    Relationship Governance and Learning in Partnerships

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    Inter-firm learning is crucial to most business partnerships. Using the Kohtamaki (2010) article, "Relationship Governance and Learning in Partnerships," as a guide, think about how governance structures explain the effectiveness of learning in partnerships. Consider a specific example from your research of a particular governance structure that stimulated learning by both partners and a specific example where a particular governance structure hindered or extinguished learning.

    For each example above, cite the particular governance structure used, and the expected results. For the success story, did the structure perform as intended, or were there unexpected results of a positive or negative nature? For the failure example, were there any positive results of the applied structure? Suggest a governance structure that you believe would have worked better.

    To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper:

    Evaluate the importance of inter-firm learning in successful partnerships.
    Explain how inter-firm learning contributes to the success of business partnerships.
    How can inter-firm learning be promoted?
    Analyze how governance structures facilitate inter-firm learning in partnerships.
    From your research, cite a particular governance structure designed to stimulate learning by both partners and describe how it should work.
    How do governance structures promote inter-firm learning throughout all levels of employees in a partnership?
    What can HR professionals specifically do to ensure that governance structures enhance the effectiveness of inter-firm learning?

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    //The following text explains interfirm learning and its importance.//
    Organizational learning is the development of new knowledge or insights which can improve the working of an organization or influences its business processes. Kohtamaki (2010) have stated that learning between organizations and business alliances is a joint activity which is dependent upon knowledge sharing, their interpretation and developing business processes including this knowledge. Learning is subjective; therefore, organizational learning is dependent on both networking and partnership. Every organization indulges in various forms of relationships or associations which impact the organizational working. The partners in a business alliance acquire knowledge with the help of knowledge management and sharing. When two firms operate in a partnership, they can learn from their trading partners. The shared knowledge or experience has the potential to improve the working of an organization, and then it can be transitioned into the development of new skills which will enhance the firm's competitive advantage (Kohtamaki, 2010).
    //In the following text, we have discussed the importance of governance structure in inter-firm learning.//
    In the last few years, collaboration and partnership between international and local firms have been increased. This phenomenon indicates that business organizations and companies have invested heavily in partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures. However, the associations have increased the chances of cheating and opportunistic behavior. Thus, an inter-firm collaboration is a tradeoff between business ...

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