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    Outsourcing and Globalization

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    Can you provide descriptions of at least three implications of outsourcing and/or globalization for public and/or nonprofit managers and leaders. Provide specific examples and references please.

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    There are several implications on outsourcing and globalization both, for managers and leaders.

    When managers outsource, it is assumed that the outsourcing benefits outweigh the disadvantages of doing so. In recent times, there has been a firestorm of controversy in the U.S. over outsourcing. The main argument is that outsourcing increases unemployment, because those jobs are being moved overseas, and in the meantime, it also takes away from the economy due to the production or outsourced move. In reality, this is partially true. It can also add to the economy because the company is saving money from the outsourcing, and is therefore able to put that money back into the economy.

    Managers are going to have ...

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    This solution discusses implications of outsourcing and/or globalization.